business advocacy is key to our association

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Restore Spokane

Our initiatives focus on enhancing The City of Spokane by improving public safety, cleanliness, and economic stability. These efforts aim to create a welcoming environment for visitors, residents, and investors while supporting local businesses.

Enforce Prop 1

Uphold voter-approved (75% approval) measure to prevent public camping & enforce sit-and-lie regulations

clean downtown

Address garbage, public sleeping in viaducts, and human waste in business doorways

Police force

Increase the police force to meet the national average of 2.4 officer per 1000 residents

New Corrections Facility

Construct a new, larger detention and rehabilitation center with integrated mental health and addiction treatment facilities, located away from residential, retail, and office areas

Community Court

Address the rapid release of arrested individuals to reduce citywide crime

drug use

Allocate more police resources to combat the open drug crisis

small crimes

Improve safety by addressing theft and vandalism, making it safer to park and walk in the City of Spokane


Reduce graffiti by supporting property owners with legal consequences for offenders

code enforcement

Ensure landowners follow codes, and enforce these codes consistently


Affordable housing

business advocacy

Advocate for businesses throughout the entire City of Spokane, not just downtown

STA Plaza relocation

Move and redesign the Spokane Transit Authority’s Plaza to a more logical design and location


Rent control and other regulations that deter affordable housing

celebrate & support

Diversity throughout the City of Spokane