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Welcome to the City of Spokane Business Association, where our commitment to enhancing the economic vitality of our community is unwavering.


As the leading advocate for the City of Spokane’s business community, we are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of our members. The Spokane Business Association stands as a bridge between business leaders and policymakers, ensuring that your interests are represented—both in support of and in opposition to legislative actions. 

We are proud to forge strong relationships with elected officials, local organizations, and stakeholders, encouraging a collaborative environment that benefits all. We uphold a standard of integrity and transparency that keeps the focus squarely on the needs and aspirations of our local businesses. 

Join us in our mission to make the City of Spokane a thriving hub for businesses and a beacon of economic prosperity. Welcome to your City of Spokane Business Association—your partner in growth and success.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower and sustain the growth of local businesses by fostering a thriving economic environment in the City of Spokane. As a staunch advocate for the business community, our CEO will represent the interests of our members, engaging with legislative and policy matters. We will champion beneficial legislation, seek constructive compromises, and actively oppose detrimental legislation. We are committed to developing strong relationships with elected officials and relevant organizations, enhancing collaborative opportunities. Maintaining our independence and commitment to our members, we accept no government funding with the exception of membership/sponsor fees. Our aim is to ensure that our region remains vibrant, competitive, and prosperous, guided by the principles of integrity and transparency.

Governments And Agencies The Spokane Business Association Works With:

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We Support Other Business Organizations

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Joining the City of Spokane Business Association is an investment in both your business and our community. The Spokane Business Association is dedicated to advocacy, ensuring your voice is heard in government. Our early initiatives focus on enhancing Spokane through improved public safety, cleanliness, and economic stability.

As a member, you will enjoy exclusive benefits and networking opportunities designed to support your business growth. We offer a variety of membership levels tailored to meet the diverse needs of our business community. Detailed information about membership fees and the specific advantages of each tier will be available soon.


Benefit from a dedicated team that represents your interests at the local government, influencing policy to favor a thriving business environment.


Business advocacy is key to our association, not only in downtown but throughout the City of Spokane. Click Learn More for examples of early initiatives.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other business leaders at our numerous events throughout the year.


Stay Informed

While we are developing these programs, make sure you do not miss out on any updates or announcements. Below is a form where you can sign up to receive all the latest information directly to your inbox. Stay connected and informed with the Spokane Business Association—your partner in business success.